Thursday, 25 June 2015

Filofax as a reading journal

After I received my color crush, I started to feel guilty about not using my butterfly and this got my brain ticking over. My planner has been a great way to develop and establish better habits and routines. Just because I'm not planning my week in my butterfly doesn't mean I can't still plan with it.

I've always been a lover of books but I'm also a great complainer of not having enough time to read too. The summer break I read plenty, but the rest of the time I'm hopeless. So I decided to start logging my reading in my pretty planner.

It's simple but effective; after only two weeks I've read 5 books. Normally more than I'd manage in a term. Needless to say I'm one very happy girl at the moment, especially enjoying Darcy and Miss Bennett's flirtations! 

How about you, do you use your filofax to support your reading habit? 


  1. Nice. I do use my Filofax to keep my book to read list. And i tick them off when i do read them :)


    1. That's a nice idea, I bet that's helpful with uni?

    2. Yeah i move to uni on Saturday and im sure that would help too :)

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    4. Wow that's come around quick! I'll bet you're excited?