Tuesday, 10 March 2015

For what ails you?

For a long time I've suffered from sinus issues and last weekend I was in agony with sinusitis, so much so I sent Mr S out for medicine which I would normally try and do without. 

Much to my surprise however, Mr S also returned with this: 

A new planner without diary, marked down as a result. Apparently, it was too good to miss and he thought it'd cheer me up. I didn't need another planner but I sure as heck wasn't complaining. It's not unusual for him to pick me up stationery when I'm feeling down.

This got me thinking, a bad day usually results in some sort of new planner supplies; perhaps some stickers or a new pen. The worst day for a long time at work resulted in a trip to the poundshop for supplies.

I don't know about you, but my pick me up is always stationery and planner related. I think it's because it lasts unlike wine or chocolate and I can continue to get enjoyment from it, unlike clothes.

Even if I don't purchase, I'll window shop for planners and think about how much sunshine they would bring into my life and reflect on how much the ones I already have do. 


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  2. I just can´t adore you blog enough, even if I just found it today.
    I have several autoimmune- diseases and am hit down by them all too often. It always lifts me up to fiddle with stationary. Planner goodnesses and books. If I´m well enough and have time, I might drive myself to Staples or a bookstore with ample supplies of all things paper. If not, youtube it is.

    1. Aww thank you :-)

      One of my favourite tricks is to order things from far off places via Amazon. They often take an eternity to get to me so often I've forgotten I've bought them and get a lovely surprise pick me up in the post instead. :-)

    2. I do that with books. I order them on line and somehow can deal with the wait. But stationary and planer goods. Nnnnooooo. Outta my way! I have paper things to fiddle with!
      (For some reason my comments emerge twice. I have no idea why this is but deleting the other one seems to also sign me out from google. So I´m sorry for the inconvenience.)

    3. It's ok, it happens sometimes. Not too sure why. It's a mystery... *cue Scooby Doo music in my head*