Saturday, 22 November 2014

New Goodies

Now one of the wonderful albeit dangerous things about Amazon, is that there are so many wonderful things available in one place at the click of a button. Cue a little insomnia and the result is... you guessed it, more supplies for my Filofax. Thankfully at this point there are only 33 days or 4 Saturdays left before Christmas and getting my Filofax. 

I wanted some ring reinforcers as I'm a touch clumsy and wanted to minimize the number of accidents I have with pages, Naturally I chose colourful ones as I love all things bright and colourful and these seemed a fantastic way to brighten up any pages. I've also been oggling some cute ones on etsy but I think I'll wait until after Christmas and maybe make a dent in the supply of things I've already begun to hoard.

Whilst I was shopping I couldn't resist these Mickey Mouse stickers. Mr S and I love a trip to Disney, so there is always ample opportunity to use these in the dates ahead. After all we're going to be seeing in the New Year there and then we're back there for Mr S' birthday shortly after.

Crayola twistables are fantastic as the colours are lovely and they're bright enough to be seen without overpowering or bleeding through pages. I love that you don't need to sharpen them. I was really upset when I lost my last set to my niece and nephew so treated myself to some of my own.

I also picked these up for the bargain price of £1.50 or something. I was a little disappointed as they're actually tiny but then at that price what did I expect? Something bizarre also happened when I photographed them as the picture looks really vibrant and fun, however in reality the colours were actually quite dark but they'll still be perfect for prettying up the Filofax.

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