Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Forgot I'd Got These

Another pleasant surprise today, I really must have a proper sort out over the holidays. I found a hardly used notebook in a fabulous design tucked away in a bag, and my note to self pad which I had been looking everywhere for.

I love the note to self pad for my to-do list and generally find it invaluable. It's just the right size too to have to hand so I can make a note of anything that needs to be added to my list. I'm definitely a 'write it down' kinda girl.

The note book has a million possible uses, I need to just settle on one as after post it notes, notebooks are probably my number one purchase. I usually opt to use them for creative writing however they're also good for journalling as well as planning (I've lost count of the number of books I've got with half planned holidays in the back of them, which is pretty odd as we've been on those holidays so I have no idea where the other half of the plan is in which case.)

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